Multi media filters. Ge water filter gxrtq

Multi Media Filters

multi media filters

    media filters
  • (Media (Filter)) that part of the filter upon which the contaminant is actually trapped as the fluid passes through. Usually disposable media, permanent belt, wedge-wire, etc.

  • (Media filter) A media filter is a type of filter that uses a bed of sand, crushed granite or other material to filter water for drinking, swimming pools, aquaculture, irrigation, stormwater management and other applications.

  • (Media Filter) An impedance matching component used in Token-Ring networks to transform the 100 ohm impedance of UTP cabling to the 150 ohm impedance of media interface connections.

  • More than one; many, esp. variegated

  • (multis) Records that have been purchased two or more times from a particular company. Compare to singles.

  • Combining prefix indicating more than one, multiples, multiplication, from Latin multus meaning ‘many6, ‘much6. (See META-, TRANS-, INTER-, INTRA-, MACRO-, ANTI-) (MP)

  • (Multis) A feminine rhyme is a rhyme that matches two or more syllables, usually at the end of respective lines. Often the final syllable is unstressed.

multi media filters - Kent Marine

Kent Marine 00884 Phos Reactor

Kent Marine 00884 Phos Reactor

The Kent Marine Phos Reactor is primarily intended to be used with phosphate-removal media such as Kent Power Phos and Phosphate Sponge, however it may be used with numerous filtration media to best suit the changing needs of the aquarium. Depending on the choice of media, the Phos Reactor may be used as a fluidized-bed filter, exposing the maximum amount of the media's surface area to aquarium water, hence increasing filtration efficiency. It may be employed as a hang-on-tank or in-sump filter, depending on your aquarium set up. The Phos Reactor can be used in many different applications and accepts Power Phos, Phosphate Sponge, Bio Bind, Reef Carbon, Nitrate Sponge, Organic Adsorption Resin, Copper Sponge, Mixed-Bed Resin. The Phos Reactor is built from high-quality acrylic and ABS, and utilizes a special twist-lock head that eliminates the need for tedious thumb-screws. The intelligent design of the Phos Reactor makes set-up very simple; in contrast to competing filters, no additional elbows or other plumbing pieces are required for basic operation

87% (15)

SE/30 (wide angled mag shot)

SE/30 (wide angled mag shot)

Playing with a lens in my office. Photo from my iPhone 3G and post processing by Camera Bag and Photoshop Mobile. A filled bookshelf, with my original Macintosh SE (upgraded to an SE/30) being used as a bookend.

Could be a slight escher-esque influence. Might also be from a 1969 black and white "art magazine" cover photo of an interview with some famous computer genius. Ah... never mind.

Nurse Pin-up

Nurse Pin-up

Multi-media: watercolor on arches paper, photochop filters and text.

Ragz Rejected

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218 Linden
Fort Collins CO


multi media filters

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