46mm Uv Filter

46mm uv filter

    uv filter
  • This coating is a filter for the harmful UV radiation. The coating is either put on the lens or is imbedded into the lens to protect your eyes for the harmful effect of the sun’s UV radiation.

  • This is an Ultra Violet absorbing filter that helps overcome the abundance of blue in outdoor photographs. Not really necessary in digital photography as the camera's white balance system adjusts for the colour temperature of the scene.

  • UV filters are individual compounds or mixtures to prevent ultraviolet (UV) light from coming through. UV filters are used in sunscreens to protect skin or in photography to reduce haziness or fogginess created by ultraviolet light.

46mm uv filter - Polaroid Optics

Polaroid Optics 46mm Multi-Coated UV Protective Filter

Polaroid Optics 46mm Multi-Coated UV Protective Filter

Polaroid filters continue the brand's long legacy of superior optical solutions. All our filters are carefully formulated to ensure consistent color and accuracy throughout the entire surface of the glass. Why? Consistent color means consistent high quality results. We know that a poorly made filter makes a great lens and camera worthless, that's why the our frame rings are constructed of special alloys that won't expand or contract over time or due to temperature extremes-it's also why we back our filters with an 10 year warranty-because we engineer them to last.

Like all Polaroid optics, Polaroid filters are precision manufactured to the most demanding of tolerances. This ensures consistent high quality results even after years of use.

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Another $20.00 Score

Another $20.00 Score

Nothing better than cheap cameras at flea markets. Minolta 400si body w/ 50mm AF 1.7, and 35-80mm F4. 1 each, 49mm skylight, and 46mm UV filter. Soft case included. Powered right up, and the AF checked out for both lenses. In hindsight - I wonder if I could have gotten this for $15.00?

Willamette Jetboat, Big Pink sunset

Willamette Jetboat, Big Pink sunset

7/4/11. Portland. Riding. Canon Rebel XTi. Canon EF-S 15-85mm IS USM. Handheld. SOOC. f/11, 1/200 sec exp, 100 ISO, 46mm focal.

46mm uv filter

46mm uv filter

Sigma AFL-940 46mm EX DG UV Multi-Coated Filter

Digitally Optimised (DG) Filters EX DG filters benefit from Sigma's multi-layer lens coating, developed to counteract the highly reflective characteristic of image sensors. With older style filters, light would reflect off the image sensor, bounce off the lens and filter elements and re-enter the image sensor, creating a ghost image. The multi-layer coating dramatically reduces this effect. In addition to this, an optimum, neutral colour balance is ensured, increasing the white balance accuracy of the digital camera. Multi-coated UV Filter This filter perfectly eliminates the harmful effect of ultraviolet light. The multi-coated UV filter can be used with both colour and black-and-white film anddigital sensors. This is the most suitable filter for protective use and generalphotography.

Protect your camera lens from dust, moisture, and scratches with the Sigma AFL-940 46mm multi-coated filter. Sigma filters add durability to your lens, while also correcting for ultraviolet light, which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details. In addition, you can leave the filter on the lens at all times for maximum protection. The filter, which fits lenses with 46mm threads, is particularly helpful for mountain and marine environments, where increased haze threatens to make your photographs indistinct in color and clarity.
Technical Specifications

Type: Ultraviolet
Size: 46mm
Filter factor: Not applicable
Multi-coated: Yes
Rotating: Not applicable
Effect: Reduces excessive blue, cuts through haze, improves image clarity, protects front element of lens
Applications: Ideal for mountains and marine settings
Color temperature: No change
Construction: Glass
Thread size: 46mm
Front lens cap size: 46mm
Warranty: 1 year

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Ads filter design - Rain tube gutter filter.

Ads Filter Design

ads filter design

    filter design
  • Filter design is the process of designing a filter (in the sense in which the term is used in signal processing, statistics, and applied mathematics), often a linear shift-invariant filter, which satisfies a set of requirements, some of which are contradictory.

  • ADS Adelaide is an Australian television station, owned by, and affiliated with the Ten Network.

  • 6530 Adry (1994 GW) is a main belt asteroid discovered on April 12, 1994 by V. S. Casulli at Colleverde di Guidonia.

  • An advertisement

  • In mathematics and physics, n-dimensional anti de Sitter space, sometimes written , is a maximally symmetric Lorentzian manifold with constant negative scalar curvature.

ads filter design - Ads, Fads,

Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture: Advertising's Impact on American Character and Society

Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture: Advertising's Impact on American Character and Society

Now in its fourth edition, Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture deals with the impact of advertising upon American character and culture. It offers a definition of advertising, explains the way advertising agencies work, discusses the functions of advertising, and provides a psycho-cultural perspective on advertising. Among the topics it deals with are the role of brands in selling products and the problem of self-alienation and its relation to consumption. It also analyzes consumer cultures, places advertising in the communication process, and considers the use of sexuality in advertising, political advertising, and marketing theory. The marketing discussion deals with the Values and Lifestyle Typology (VALS) and the Claritas typology. The chapters analyzing print advertisements and television commercials are distinctive features of the book. For print advertising, it provides a list of topics to consider in analyzing print advertising and then provides a detailed analysis of a fascinating Fidji perfume advertisement that shows a Polynesian woman with a snake around her neck. It provides a semiotic, psychoanalytic, sociological, Marxist, mythic, and Feminist analysis of this advertisement. For television commercials, it analyzes the famous Macintosh '1984' commercials in a number of different ways as well. In the last chapter it speculates about the role of advertising in selling drugs to people, children and advertising, and the problems advertising agencies have in getting people's attention. It also offers a glossary to terms used in the book and an annotated bibliography.

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Ipod Orange

Ipod Orange

British tabloids and the paparazzi, particularly the Daily Mirror, have long claimed that Moss habitually used cocaine. In interviews Moss dismissed these claims as ridiculous, and the Sunday Mirror was sued successfully by Moss for claiming that she had slipped into a coma after taking large amounts of cocaine in Spain in the 1990s.

On 15 September 2005, London's Daily Mirror ran front page and inside photos that seemed to show Moss snorting several lines of cocaine at a Babyshambles recording session. It was also reported that Moss snorted five lines in 40 minutes.[49] It has been alleged by Babyshambles' singer Pete Doherty that James Mullord, his former manager, sold the photos to the newspaper for more than ?150,000.[50] Within a short time of publication, Moss lost major modeling contracts with several international companies.

On 20 September 2005, the Swedish fashion retailer H&M, which intended to feature her in a campaign of their autumn clothes range designed by Moss's good friend Stella McCartney, announced instead that it was dropping Moss after the drug allegations.[51] The contract was reportedly worth ?4 million a year.[52] A day later, Chanel announced that it would not be renewing its contract with Moss, which was set to expire in that October, although the company said that its decision had nothing to do with the drug scandal. Burberry also decided to drop Moss's campaign with them.[53] Moss quickly issued an apology though she stopped short of admitting drug use. "I take full responsibility for my actions. I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them," she said. "I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behaviour which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others."

Moss continued to appear in major ad campaigns during this period for Dior. She was on the cover of the November 2005 W and also appeared inside in a multi-page fashion shoot. She was also defended by friends and supporters, including models Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, French actress Catherine Deneuve, her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp, and designer Alexander McQueen. McQueen's defense was especially notable, and during his walk-out after a fashion show he wore a t-shirt saying "We love you Kate."
Artist Stella Vine also publicly supported Moss, and paintings by Vine of the model, painted during the scandal, were exhibited and reproduced in the press. Vine defended Moss saying to The Independent: "I had been painting Kate Moss for a long time, both before the time of her crisis and during it. I felt very strongly for her - she's a hard-working mum and it seemed as if suddenly the world turned against her."[54] Vine's large paintings of Moss include Holy water cannot help you now (2005) and Kate unfinished (2005) whilst another had a slogan Must be the season of the witch across it in red paint.[55] Vine compared the supermodel to Mona Lisa and said: "There's a bravery in Kate's eyes.".[56] Vine felt the media should not have accused Moss of being a bad mother saying: "men can go off and take as many drugs as they want, have as many children as they want, and their parenting rarely comes into question".[56] A Vine painting of Moss was bought by fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.[57]

Pop singer Robbie Williams said of Moss's relationship with Doherty, "I can understand why Kate finds it difficult to leave Pete; he has a certain charisma surrounding him.". In November 2005, Moss ended her relationship with Doherty soon after he checked himself out of Meadows Clinic in Arizona, failing to complete a programme for drug rehabilitation. Moss herself underwent successful treatment there in October and had urged Doherty to seek the same treatment himself. Doherty claims that their separation involved other issues, telling the The Sun newspaper that Moss left him because, “I can’t buy her diamonds.”.[58] On 5 January 2006, the Metropolitan Police asked Moss to return from the US to Britain to answer questions about the September 2005 cocaine scandal.[59] The following day, the Daily Mirror reported that Moss would return to Britain and face arrest for allegations of cocaine usage. She was interviewed by police in London on 31 January 2006, with her solicitor present, but reportedly made no admissions, and she was not arrested (photographs of alleged drug-taking are not admissible evidence in British courts). On 16 June 2006, British police finally dropped the charges for lack of evidence.[60] Ultimately Moss was cleared of all charges and resumed her modeling career. Criticism of Moss has, however, continued; and her career revival has been viewed as a sign of moral and cultural decline by conservatives such as Peter Hitchens.

How To Do It

•I find found the RGB colour numbers

Custom WordPress Footer

Custom WordPress Footer

When it comes to website design and development you need to keep in mind your potential client. If someone is visiting your website, they have come in search of "something." That something is usually information, to satiate curiosity or for a product (a tangible good or service!). If you're website is vague, is hard to navigate, is OLD in design or boring, doesn't pop, doesn't lead anywhere, and doesn't call the viewer to action, you are missing out on a possible sale, a possible customer, a sign up for whatever you are offering. The point is you missed out on a great opportunity, it's the opportunity millions of people pay Google big bucks for and would kill to have! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is complicated for a reason, basically Google tries to filter out all the dead weight, the flotsam and jetsam (junk) of the WWW and select out the prime cuts, the premium websites, the updated, the current, the sites the searches supposedly want to find (Ad Sense). If you're website does not get picked up on a Google search, your site is essentially considered garbage by Google. It's a tough pill for some to swallow, but for those who do "get it" they are able to then do something about it. If you aren't getting ranked, aren't getting hits, aren't getting new customers, your website isn't doing what it is supposed to and you are basically wasting space on the web, wasting money on your website and wasting your time fruitlessly advertising on the web. It's time to consider what you want out of the Internet, where you want your web-marketing to go, stop falling behind the times and get updated on how to get your website designed correctly! We can give you the confidence of having a modern well designed, well structured website that will give you the full potential to achieve your promotional and marketing dreams on the Internet! Contact us for more details: Dave@foamers.net

ads filter design

ads filter design

Murad Resurgence Age-Diffusing Serum, 2: Treat/Repair, 1.0 fl oz (30 ml)

Combats the effects of hormonal aging by increasing firmness up to 38% in 10 minutes and reducing the appearance of medium-to-deep wrinkles. Combats hormonal aging and concerns associated with menopause and peri-menopause. Skin firming formula protects skin from the effects of hormonal aging. AHA's and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 work together to reduce the appearance of medium-to-deep wrinkles. Phytoestrogens naturally improve elasticity and deliver essential moisture. Glycosaminoglycans strengthen skin's barrier to protect from aging damage. As a leader in research and development, Murad has long been at the forefront of skincare science. Applying insights from my skin research center, dermatology practice and the Murad Medical Spa, we continue this tradition. Ours is an inclusive health philosophy, based on the water principle, a comprehensive inside and out approach to optimal skin health and total wellness. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. My commitment is to provide you with the most advanced formulations and pharmaceutical grade ingredients to restore and strengthen your skin, allowing your healthy radiance to shine through. Scientifically proven. Dermatologist developed and tested. Murad does not test on animals. Made in the USA.

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Air filter replacements - Chemex coffee filters - Air filter ionizer

Air Filter Replacements

air filter replacements

  • (replacement) the act of furnishing an equivalent person or thing in the place of another; "replacing the star will not be easy"

  • A person or thing that takes the place of another

  • (replacement) substitution: an event in which one thing is substituted for another; "the replacement of lost blood by a transfusion of donor blood"

  • (replacement) refilling: filling again by supplying what has been used up

  • The action or process of replacing someone or something

    air filter
  • A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous materials which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

  • (air filters) Adhesive filters made of metal or various fibers that are coated with an adhesive liquid to which particles of lint and dust adhere. These filters will remove as much as 90% of the dirt if they do not become clogged. The more common filters are of the throwaway or disposable type.

  • A device for filtering particles of dust, soot, etc., from the air passing through it, esp. one protecting the air inlet of an internal combustion engine

  • a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it

2000 Honda Odyssey Cabin Air Filter Replacement

2000 Honda Odyssey Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Air filter is shown coming out of its slot -- another angle. This is after the cover is removed.

air filter replacements

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Amsoil Oil Filters

amsoil oil filters

    oil filters
  • An oil filter is a filter to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery.

  • (oil filter) a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine

  • (Oil filter) A cartridge-filled canister placed in an engines lubricating system to strain dirt and abrasive materials out of the oil.

SYM Fiddle II 125 engine oil filter assy. bolt

SYM Fiddle II 125 engine oil filter assy. bolt

When changing the oil in your SYM Fiddle II 125...first- warm the scooter up just a little (ride it up the street a 1/4 mile and back), next - put the scooter on the center stand and let it cool for about 5-10 minutes or so, next - put some sort of absorbent material under the scooter between the rear tire and the center stand to catch any stray oil droppings, next - put a small block (1"-1-1/2" thick) under the right side of the center stand tilting the scooter towards the drain bolt side, next - remove the dip stick, next - get a pan ready to catch the drained oil, next - put the pan under the drain bolt, next - preferably put a protective rubber-type glove on the hand you will use to remove the plug, next - loosen the 17mm drain bolt with a wrench (socket or flat wrench), next - remove the bolt with your fingers while catching it and allow the oil to drain for 10-15 minutes (the longer the better), next - after the oil has drained, replace/tighten the engine oil drain bolt, next - take the block out from under the center stand, next - pull the drain pan under the engine oil filter unit bolt, next - loosen the the engine oil filter assy. bolt, next - remove the filter assy. bolt with your fingers while also paying close attn. as to how it all comes out (an illustration is in the owner's manual), next - allow the oil to drain out of that location for few minutes, next - clean-out any debris in the screen filter (I use an air compressor to blow-out any debis) and on the spring, next - reassemble the filter unit as it came out, next put back in the engine oil filter unit exactly as it came out and tighten, next - get a small funnel and place it down in the dipstick hole, next - pour in 0.8 liter of the recommended engine oil type of your choosing (I personally use Amsoil 4-stroke Syn. Scooter Oil), next - remove funnel and replace the dipstick and your oil change is done.

Fox Marketing Lexus IS 350C Design Project

Fox Marketing Lexus IS 350C Design Project

2010 Chicago Auto Show

- Brian Fox, Fox Marketing

- Jashaan Autosports powered by ProCharger
- Supercharger System
- (405hp @ 6psi)
- ProCharger C-2 Blower
- Yonaka Intercooler Type 10 22x9x3
- Yonaka Couplers & Silicone hoses
- AMSOIL 0x-30 Signature Series
- Synthetic Fluids
- AMSOIL EA Oil Filter
- AMSOIL Antifreeze
- F-Sport Exhaust

- Lexus Cream White Interior
- BASF R-M Black Painted Interior Parts
- Classic Design Concept Light Bar

- BASF R-M Foxy Green Paint
- BASF R-M Black Paint
- Custom Lip molded front spoiler
- Custom IS F front fenders
- Custom IS F Side Skirts
- Custom 2 inch fender flares
- Custom Rear bumper flare
- Custom SEIBON Carbon rear wing
- Custom BASF R-M Carizzma
- Flat Black Grill Ring
- Custom BASF R-M Black Grill inserts
- Custom BASF R-M Foxy Green Lexus badge
- Custom BASF R-M Black Lexus rear logos

- Lightwurkz Custom BASF R-m Carizzma
- Flat Black Headlight Casings
- Lightwurkz Custom 3 prong LED turn signals
- Lightwurkz Custom shaved center running light

- F-Sport Big Brakes 14 inch 6 piston Calipers

- Yonaka SPECII 36 way adjustable Coilovers
- TunedParts Rear Brace

Wheels & Tires
- Front - 20x9 iForged Sprint BASF R-M
- Carizzma Flat Black w/ Gloss Black Lips
- Cream white bolts
- 245/30/20 Toyo T1R
- Rear - 20x11.5 iForged Sprint BASF R-M
- Carizzma Flat Black w/ Gloss Black Lips
- Cream white bolts
- 305/30/20 Toyo T1R

amsoil oil filters

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Biological Sand Filter. Oil Filter Wholesale

Biological Sand Filter

biological sand filter

    sand filter
  • A filter used in water purification and consisting of layers of sand arranged with coarseness of texture increasing downward

  • The oldest and most basic filtration process, which generally uses two grades of sand (coarse and fine) for turbidity removal or as a first stage roughing filter or pre-filter in more complex processing systems.

  • Sand filters are used for water purification. There are three main types; # rapid (gravity) sand filters # upflow sand filters # slow sand filters

  • (sand filters) Devices that remove some suspended solids from sewage. Air and bacteria decompose additional wastes filtering through the sand so that cleaner water drains from the bed.

  • Of or relating to biology or living organisms

  • (of a detergent or other cleaning product) Containing enzymes to assist the process of cleaning

  • (biologically) with respect to biology; "biologically related"

  • pertaining to biology or to life and living things

  • of parents and children; related by blood; "biological child"

  • Genetically related; related by blood

biological sand filter - Lifegard FB300

Lifegard FB300 Fluidized Bed Filter - Up to 300 gallons - 8 in. x 3 in. x 17 in.

Lifegard FB300 Fluidized Bed Filter - Up to 300 gallons - 8 in. x 3 in. x 17 in.

The Lifeguard Fluidized Bed Filter is a high capacity biological filter for fresh or saltwater aquariums. Beneficial bacteria attach to the media within the Fluidized Bed Filter creating a thin film around the sand grains. Water is pumped up through the unit lifting the sand into a Fluidized bed. The beneficial bacteria attach to the media and draw in oxygen, supplied by Rainbow's exclusive water fall device and other required nutrients from the passing water, converting ammonia and nitrites to relatively harmless nitrates. The sand grains are in continual free fall throughout the water resulting in an excellent transfer capability between the liquid and the bacterial film on the media. In addition the sand grains bump into each other frequently knocking off excess debris and providing a self-cleaning function which allows new areas for bacterial growth.The FB300 is rated for aquariums up to 300 gallons. It is most effective at low flow rates. Lower flow rates increase the contact time between the bacteria and the toxic ammonia and nitrite compounds that they utilize.

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Calm Seas

Calm Seas

“It is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea … whether it is to sail or to watch it … we are going back from whence we came.”
~A life quote from John F Kennedy 14-9-62

Were all set to go to The Border Ranges National Park which is about 1 hours drive from where I live - from there you get a beautiful view over the valley in which I live. But unfortunately, because of all the rain we have had here lately, the park has been closed until further notice, so I thought I would post one from the first couple of mornings with the Big Stopper.

Nothing spectacular, I just liked the colours of the wet sand, the ocean and the clouds. Oh and no, calm seas it wasn't ;-)

Single Exposure
150 seconds
Lee's Big Stopper
Hitech 0.9ND Reverse Grad

Aquarium sand bed

Aquarium sand bed

This is below the sand level in our marine tank, up against the glass. Down here all kinds of industrious creatures work to consume the detritus that falls on the sand.

Worms, small crustacea, bacteria and algae are among the thousands of tiny and microscopic creatues that make up the biological filter for the tank.

Be sure to look at the full sized version to see the detail!

biological sand filter

biological sand filter

Advances in Slow Sand and Alternative Biological Filtration

Slow sand filtration is credited with being the first drinking water treatment process utilised to improve the quality of water in both modern Europe and the USA. Within the last 10 years, there has been a renaissance of interest in the potential use of enhanced processes of slow sand filtration throughout the world, especially for small and rural communities, and it continues to be the primary treatment process for many major European cities. The book deals with the latest research developments in slow sand and alternative biological filtration processes for drinking water treatment, including advances in the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of the processes. In addition, progress in the techniques of operation and upgrading of the processes are described, with case studies from around the world. The principal themes of the book are: General overview; Removal of Natural Organic Matter (NOM), Biodegradable Organic Carbon (BOC) and Ozonation by-products; Biofilter media characteristics; Influence of process design variables and modifications; Modelling process performance; Pre-treatment applications; Operational experience and cleaning; and Upgrading treatment processes. The book also has an international perspective with case-studies from around the world.

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